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Great Spaces - a Specialty - The appeal of Fanny Bolen Interiors  
IT’S NO WONDER Fanny Bolen Interiors’ new shop at 2761 W Country Club has a calming, “Let’s stay a while,” feeling to it when you enter. After all, owners Fanny Bolen and Bebe MacKellar also have that effect on people, both individually and collectively. Affable and welcoming with great skill and experience, they are undoubtedly the secret behind the success of their company. Having moved locations from a long-time home in Nichols Hills Plaza, their new space has ample room for design projects while housing exquisite wares for the home. Bolen and MacKellar each have more than 25 years of experience, and exceptional eyes for beauty in design. “We know the items we need to make a house a home,” says Bolen. “Great lamps, pretty throws, books, cachepots, vases, original art and handmade objects are as important to good design as a great chair or sofa. We feel we have a curated collection that complements what we do as designers.” This team excels at creating beautiful spaces, and they have done it to perfection in their new shop, as well.