Why Alpaca Has Become a Staple in High Fashion and How alicia adams alpaca Paved the Way

If you're an avid follower of high fashion, you surely know how alpaca wool is the hottest topic. Why won't it be, considering how alpaca is currently among the highly prized natural fibers and luxury materials?

Fashion designers worldwide don't want to stop producing clothing lines featuring alpacas, and no one's complaining. Perhaps it wouldn't be wrong to credit Alicia Adams Alpaca for paving the way for this highly exquisite, durable, and lightweight material in high fashion,

From being a winter wardrobe staple to one of the primary choices in high-street home apparel, alpaca wool has won hearts far and wide. This article discusses why alpaca is the leading staple in high fashion and has lots more interesting information about it. Keep reading!

Alpaca Fiber- What it is

As mentioned above, alpaca is one of the most valuable natural fibers in the garment and apparel industry. It has quickly made its way among the top luxury materials of the world, and designers everywhere are making massive use of it.

Alpaca is everywhere, from hand-knitted capes and coats to other winter garments to throws, blankets, and other home apparel. Sourced from the native animal of Peru, alpaca yarn and fleece are a fabulous winter choice because it provides maximum warmth. After all, who wouldn't want lightweight sweaters, coats, hats, socks, and lots more that wouldn't weigh them down like bricks while feeling ultra-cozy and soft?

Being natives of South America, alpacas are used to living in extreme climates. This is why the animals tend to develop their coveted luxurious coats. They tend to be shorn during spring, and their shorter hair in the warm seasons makes it possible to derive raw fleece.

In time, this fleece can be felted, woven, dyed, or spun and used in various clothing articles and home apparel. Alpacas originally belonged to Peru, but people have exported them to several other countries, including Australia, Europe, and the United States.

Alpaca Material- What makes it suitable for High Fashion?

Several qualities of alpaca fleece or wool make it a leading choice in high fashion. Let's take a look at some of its characteristics below:

- Warm yet lightweight- perhaps the most unique and appealing characteristic of alpaca material is that it is warm yet lightweight simultaneously. Fashionistas worldwide have long been searching for material that would provide maximum protection against the cold without being too heavy to wear. And Alpaca wool fits that definition perfectly. The fibers possess an airiness that traps and retains heat while staying lightweight.

- Water-repelling- this material is also naturally water-resistant because of its low water-retain rate. Hence, you wouldn't find the material feeling uncomfortably moist or wet.

- Soft- alpaca fibers have a luxuriously silk feel. The material feels the softest to the touch, similar to sheep wool but minus the itchiness. Perhaps this is why alpaca is so popular because the fiber remains naturally sorted, with its microns having a diminutive diameter.

- Hypoallergenic- alpaca is devoid of lanolin. The latter is a natural wax that many animals producing wool possess and triggers human allergies. Since the material is naturally hypoallergenic, it is more of a favorite of the masses.

How Alicia Adams Alpaca Uses this Material

Alicia Adams Alpaca is a pioneer in the industry of alpaca wool products. This brand is among the leaders to introduce luxury material in the form of capes, sweaters, cardigans, and jackets for both men and women. And that's not all; homeowners have been in for a treat from this brand too, which has kept up a steady line of alpaca home apparel to adorn their homes.

Let's look at how Alicia Adams Alpaca has taken alpaca wool to unparalleled heights in high fashion.


The brand primarily uses alpaca wool for weaving, producing a wide range of knitted garments for both men and women. Their collection's jackets, cardigans, sweaters, etc., are super warm and dense but highly lightweight to wear.


Alpaca is a splendid material for felting, and the brand has made headway in this usage. The experts at Alicia Adams Alpaca specialize in condensing and matting the alpaca fibers together to create felt. They use a specialized technique consisting of soap and hot water to agitate the fibers and achieve a premium form of felt.

Dyeing and Spinning

Alpaca is a beautiful fiber for spinning, as the experts at Alicia Adams Alpaca prove. The brand uses alpaca in both its excellent natural colors in their products and as well as dyeing the lighter colors. However, to dye or spin the material, they remove the guard hairs, which are not as friendly as the rest of the processes.

Once the experts dye and spin the alpaca, they assemble it into skein for further usage.


Alicia Adams Alpaca has a massive following of fiber enthusiasts. The credit for this goes to their unbeatable knitwear collection. The brand uses alpaca yarn to whip up stunning cardigans, sweaters, socks, throws, and lots more, featuring intricate crochet work.

Alpaca Garments- Styling Options

Alicia Adams Alpaca features a range of exotic garments, including overcoats, wraps, jackets, cardigans, and more, that can help wearers achieve endless styles. There are many advantages for high fashion followers of investing in alpaca garments,

For starters, they're great one-piece options, such as alpaca jackets, sweaters, cardigans, etc., and pair supremely well with jeans, tailored bottoms, and even skirts. One can easily find accessories with chunky statement jewelry or finer options like pearls and zircons for dressier outfits.

Alpaca outfits come in warm colors, adding visual appeal to one's profile. You could start with a warm buttery alpaca jacket or a drape to round off your other winter fashion looks. Or, a warm-colored alpaca garment would complement a white, fitted tee just as well atop a pair of your favorite jeans and boots.

Whether it's a classic style you're after or the traditional comfort you seek in your winter looks, you can always count on alpaca material to make you look effortlessly royal. For the ladies, alpaca cardigans and wraps are equally acceptable for layering with airy printed dresses.

From bohemian chic and hippie to classic, there's no style statement that alpaca wouldn't fit effortlessly into. If you look at the range of options at Alicia Adams Alpaca, you'll see how this luxurious material choice is supremely versatile.

In this material, you'll have all you need to create work outfits, date nights, and vacation looks on the go without additional items. No wonder the pioneers of high fashion describe alpaca as a significant investment and a versatile material choice.

If your wardrobe is missing that one versatile clothing option you can always count upon for all seasons of the year, it's a beautifully crafted alpaca outfit.

Alpaca Garments- How to Care for them

Among alpaca wool's many other attractive features are its maximized durability and longevity. We wouldn't be exaggerating when we tell you that alpaca garments can last for generations.

The material is resistant to pilling and is extremely strong, and if you handle it carefully, it will remain fashionable and optimal appearance-wise for generations. The best way to care for alpaca garments is to dry clean the jackets, coats, cardigans, sweaters, throws, etc. This approach will ensure the alpaca products retain their size and shape.

However, if you have a couple of knitted alpaca garments, you may also wash them by hand. However, be sure to use only mild soap in a small amount and lukewarm water to wash your garments.

Moreover, experts from Alicia Adams Alpaca recommend storing your alpaca clothes with cedar to prevent pests during the off-season. Rest assured, you can count on your alpaca coat or dress to quickly become your favorite wardrobe staple, allowing you to whip up fashion moments quickly.

Once you have experienced how alpaca material fits perfectly into your daily wear, you won’t be able to imagine living without it from then on.

Final Thoughts

Alicia Adams Alpaca Inc. is a family owned business and a pioneer in the alpaca high fashion industry. The brand produces textiles and clothing designs that comprise only sustainable and natural characteristics.

This brand is among the first to introduce the fashion world to one of the most luxurious and rarest materials - alpaca wool. The business manages and owns a herd of more than 200 Suri alpacas on a charming farm in Hudson Valley.

All the products you will find in this brand promise wholly natural and premium quality alpaca wool. Once you have seen the magic their products can weave into your wardrobe, there’ll be no undoing for you.